This app depicts the flooding scenarios due to the combined effects of the relative sea level rise, highest astronomical tide and storm surge with regard to specific case studies of SAVEMEDCOASTS-2 project together with a flood risk indicator selected by the user among those available. Set the input parameters in the panels below and then click on the Show on map button to see the resulting map, its main quantitative information in table format and finally two charts representing the time series of the chosen flood risk indicator and its damage-water level curve in the considered computing domain.

Warning: please note that the following maps represent flooding scenarios without considering any adaptation or protection systems (e.g. MOSE in the case of Venice Lagoon). Disclaimer

Case study
IPCC scenario (AR5)
Sea storm return time
Flood risk indicator
  • IPCC = Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
  • AR5 = IPCC Fifth Assessment Report
  • RCP = Representative Concentration Pathway
  • RCP2.6 = low-emissions scenario (mitigation)
  • RCP8.5 = high-emissions scenario ("business as usual")
  • MWE = Maximum Water/Flood Elevation
  • Flooded area = Potentially flooded area due to MWE